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Latest HP Price Information

Latest HP Price Information

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Samsung Galaxy J2 Review and Specifications

There are no half years ago Galaxy J1 hit the market, Samsung has already will spawn a sister in the third quarter of 2015, namely the Galaxy J2. Galaxy J2 not undergo much change the packaging of the previous series that still sees physical buttons, only the dimensions of the Galaxy J2 now have a device thickness of 6.7% thinner than the previous version, with a 8.3 mm.

Unlike previous series, Galaxy capasitif J2 has a touchscreen display panel that is wider by 4.5 inches although the level of resolution is still no different. For dual-camera facility of Galaxy J2, Samsung still equip with a 2 MP sensor support and a 5 MP primary camera which is equipped with LED flash and autofocus.

In terms of performance, the Galaxy J2 is also superior with support for quad-core processor ARM Cortex-A7 from Samsung itself, the Exynos 3475 with clockrate 1.2 Ghz. The advantages of this processor Exynos 3475 processor support Mali 400 graphics its work with 4 cores each core measuring 450 Mhz. Not only that, the Galaxy J2 has also been equipped with support LPDDR3 RAM 1.5 GB of internal memory has a facility twice as large with 8 GB for maximum application requirements for the user. Galaxy J2 is also packaged with the operating system Android 5.1-Lollipop also offers a fresh new interface, of course, with a higher security system up to 10 times better.

For connectivity system Galaxy J2 is still disappointing, because Samsung has not menghadirkannya to welcome the 4G-LTE network. Besides the 3G-HSPA network performance from Galaxy J2 is still very limited, the download transmission which only reached 21 Mbps and 5.76 Mbps upload. Galaxy J2 also still rely on wireless support for 802.11 b / g / n which still has a performance of 150 Mbps transmission, so that the device is still not fit to be applied as a wireless media remote for wireless devices other users.

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